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February 6, 2021

AIDS Treatment News - full archive, 1986-2007 (restored February 9, 2021)

When we published AIDS Treatment News we didn't keep all the back issues online, as other organizations were doing that. But now most of the online copies have gone away (understandably since the AIDS information is obsolete), so we uploaded our copies for archival purposes. 

All the issues of ATN are in the folder 'ATN Archive restored 2021'; this folder is compressed into a zip file for faster downloading. (The zip file is about 7MB; the folder is about 18MB.)

To download the folder 'ATN Archive restored 2021' to your computer, click this link: Different browsers and operating systems handle this differently; do what is needed (if anything) to download a file on your computer. Downloading the ZIP file could take half a minute or more if you have a slow internet connection.

Some computers' software will automatically expand the file; if yours doesn't, follow the instructions for your system. The file should expand within a few seconds. Then you will have the complete AIDS Treatment News archive, 'ATN Archive restored 2021', on your computer.

See the README file in that folder. It explains that of the 423 issues of AIDS Treatment News, issues 1-383 are in text format; the latest issues, 384-423, are in the original Microsoft Word format, so you see the original issues exactly as they were printed and mailed. It also explains that some issues missing in the main sequence are supplied in a separate folder inside the ATN Archive folder.

Note: Your browser probably has a way to search the contents of a folder; usually that search returns the file names where the search word(s) appear, and then you can use your browser again to search within the individual files. (We didn't want to make the ATN issues easily searchable by Google, etc., due to public confusion that could result from hundreds of pages of archival AIDS information that is obsolete by an average of two decades, being placed on the web in 2021, and therefore likely to be returned as recently added.).

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