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April 23, 2010

HIV's link to salmonella offers vaccine clues

"Research into a deadly link between salmonella and HIV shows that the AIDS virus damages the immune system in ways doctors did not previously understand, providing new clues for vaccine development.

Salmonella often causes fatal bloodstream infections in people with HIV, particularly in Africa. But although the risk has been known for more than 25 years, it is only now that researchers have a scientific explanation.

It is not immune system deficiency that causes the problem but an excess of antibodies. The discovery should help avoid blind alleys in producing new vaccines.

"It's quite a surprise and it suggests that what we are dealing with here is more of a consequence of an immune disregulation as opposed to an immune deficiency per se," said lead researcher Cal MacLennan of the University of Birmingham."

Read more:, April 22, 2010.


Unknown said...

Porton Down were conducting experiments on servicemen in 1960 by injecting LPS that was derived from salmonella abortus equi. I was one of the servicemen who survived, unfortunately from a total of 115 airmen who took part only six airmen were ever accounted for by Wiltshire Police. Not surprisingly all records pertaining to this vile human experiment are missing. I suffer from chronic RA