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May 2, 2010

BOSTON AREA: BOIL YOUR WATER (May 1, 2010 until further notice; Cambridge is OK))

"The MWRA has issued a boil water order for all households in the City of Boston and surrounding communities. Cambridge is not affected.

"Click here for updated information from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority.

Water must be boiling for at least one minute before it is safe to drink. Do not use any tap water for cooking, baby formula, tooth-brushing, or food preparation that has not been boiled first, or is not bottled."

Read more:, May 2, 2010.

Comment, JSJ: This warning applies to everyone, but is especially important for persons with immune deficiency.

Note: The break in a-10-foot diameter water main was discovered May 1, and became "catastrophic" during the day -- almost doubling the flow of the adjacent Charles River. To maintain water for uses like firefighting, flushing, and showers, the state had to use emergency water sources that are not safe for drinking. The emergency may end within a few days; then people in the affected areas will need to follow instructions to flush the pipes of houses and other buildings to remove the unsafe water.