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January 28, 2011

Obama Barraged By Pot Questions For Upcoming YouTube Town Hall

Huffington Post: "President Barack Obama plans to take questions from YouTube viewers Thursday afternoon, and for the third time in as many years, the overwhelmingly most popular query involves the legalization of marijuana.

"Of the top 100 most popular questions as rated by YouTube users, 99 are about the drug war or pot. Of the next one hundred, 99 are again about drug policy. Somehow, two questions about clean energy made their way into the top 200. ...

"The major drug-policy reform organizations say they have had little to do with the popularity of the pot questions and that it has largely been a 'grassroots' response. The top question is from an official associated with the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, but the second- and third-most popular, judging by their YouTube pages, are clearly not connected to a mainstream advocacy group."