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January 17, 2011

Women Might Have More Favorable Blood Levels of Some HIV Drugs

POZ: "Mona Loutfy, MD, one of the study’s authors, reported that she and her colleagues found that the average minimum concentrations (Cmin) of at least two drugs—Viramune and Kaletra—were significantly higher than what has been found in previous studies in the general population, while minimum concentrations were lower than average in women taking Reyataz or Sustiva. The primary concern about blood levels is keeping them within a “therapeutic” range, whereby there is enough drug present to shut down HIV repliction almost entirely, but not so much that it increases the risk of side effects. The authors suggest, however, than maintaining a higher than average Cmin level, even within this therapeutic range, might confer a treatment advantage.

"Loutfy’s team also found, contrary to expectation, that the maximal concentrations (Cmax) of all four drugs was slightly lower than average in their study participants. A lower Cmax would, theoretically, predict fewer and less severe side effects in the women."


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