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August 8, 2009

High Viral Load Patients Equally Fine on Epzicom or Truvada

"People who start antiretroviral treatment for the first time with a viral load over 100,000 do equally well on a regimen containing abacavir (found in Ziagen, Epzicom and Trizivir) as on a regimen containing tenofovir (found in Viread, Truvada and Atripla), according to a study published in the September 1 issue of The Journal of Infectious Diseases. These results counter a previously reported study that suggested abacavir—notably its Epzicom co-formulation with lamivudine—is less likely to keep viral load undetectable among people initiating HIV treatment with high viral loads."

Read more in POZ, August 7, 2009.

Note: See abstract of Virological Response to Initial Antiretroviral Regimens Containing Abacavir or Tenofovir.