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March 29, 2010

How Health Care Reform is Already Changing Lives

"The final passage of health reform last week is a huge victory for people with HIV and AIDS. Here are some of the short and long-term changes that will impact our community."

Note: Insurance companies already think they have a loophole to delay covering children with pre-existing conditions for four years. The companies agree that the law says they cannot exclude the children's conditions from their policies -- but says that they can refuse to sell those children any insurance at all until 2014, when a new provision kicks in allowing anyone to buy insurance despite pre-existing illnesses.

If this interpretation stands, Congress could respond with a separate law to accelerate the 2014 provision to this year, for children. That would restore the obvious Congressional intent in the health-reform bill, without doing anything else. Let the "family values" advocates vote against it. JSJ

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