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March 28, 2010

[Find HIV Services near your ZIP code -- New York and San Francisco example shown]

Note: Click the link below to check near your ZIP code. Feedback to is requested; this services-location site is not yet complete. JSJ

"In looking at these three elements, we at have released a soft launch of the locator service, a feature that allows users to find HIV/AIDS services for Testing, Housing Assistance, Treatment, and Mental Health related to HIV/AIDS.

"We have already received feedback from some of the service stakeholders and there are features we plan to add and enhance, including a mobile interface, texting capability, more HIV/AIDS services provided by the Federal Government and printable directions. But by doing a soft launch, and through an iterative process, we have the opportunity to engage the HIV/AIDS community to find out what else we can be doing to improve these services."

Read more in, March 25, 2010.