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August 20, 2010

danger, huge egg recall - Second Iowa Producer Recalls 170 Million Eggs

Second Iowa Producer Recalls 170 Million Eggs - “You have to treat eggs with the assumption that they’re contaminated with salmonella,” said Carol Tucker Foreman, a food safety expert of the Consumer Federation of America. “We may all object to the fact that we have to treat food like toxic waste, but if we don’t want to get sick, and especially if you have someone in your house that’s immune-suppressed, you have to handle things carefully and demand that the standards be set higher.”

Comment: Take-home messages, especially for persons with immune deficiences:
- Don't use recalled eggs. See for the latest news (including a list of recalled brands, currently near the end of the press announcement).
- Cook ALL eggs thoroughly, at least while this problem continues. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for public-health authorities to even know about new cases, so nobody knows all the eggs that are causing illness.
- We must revive public health in this country. This is hard because it means giving health priority over corporate profits and influence. Also, we need an open, real-time database of the latest health and illness information, to find problems as soon as possible, when they can best be contained.