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August 19, 2010

U.S. researchers develop new anti-HIV drug

Xinhua: "Researchers at University of Utah have developed a promising new anti-HIV drug that prevents HIV from attacking human cells.

"The researchers said they hoped to begin human clinical trials in two to three years.

"The drug, PIE12-trimer, is ideally suited for use as a vaginal microbicide (topically applied drug) to prevent HIV infection, the researchers said in the study appearing Wednesday in the online issue of the Journal of Virology.

"PIE12-trimer was designed with a unique 'resistance capacitor' that provides it with a strong defense against the emergence of drug-resistant viruses. ...

"Because of its ability to block the virus from infecting new cells, PIE12-trimer has the potential to work as a microbicide to prevent people from contracting HIV and as a treatment for HIV infected people. HIV can develop resistance rapidly to existing drugs, so there is a constant need to develop new drugs in hopes of staying ahead of the virus."