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September 8, 2010

Ghana certifies Nevada-made product for HIV treatment

Carson City Nevada News - Carson Now: "The Ministry of Health in Ghana has certified one of the products produced by Carson City, Nevada-based Aloha Medicinals, as a soul therapeutic treatment for HIV infection."

Comment: We don't have more information, or know what to think of this.


GeorgeM said...

A "medicinal mushroom"?
(Scroll down a little.)

They also talk about "Immune Assist 247" for HIV. And this "Polysaccharide Immune Enhancer" sounds like mushroom extracts (like Lentinan or stuff from maitake or shiitake perhaps).

Which may confer some modest benefit, though some evidence suggests other mushrooms, like Reishi, may be contraindicated in HIV. For Ghana to suggest this is the ONLY therapy for HIV sounds absurd and life-threatening to people with HIV.