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July 2, 2009

Long-term Testosterone Therapy Is Safe and Improves Body Composition in Women with HIV

"These findings led the researchers to conclude, 'Long-term testosterone administration was well tolerated in HIV-infected women and resulted in significant improvements in body composition, bone mineral density, and quality of life indices.'"

Read more in, July 3, 2009.


Abby J said...

First of all 25 patients is a rather poorly performed study. They indicated 4 patients withdrew, which left them with only 21 patients. Of those 21 probably half were placebo trialed which left them with only 10-11 patients to observe.
Then the researcher states that test subjects did not report hair loss. They failed to mention the side affect of hair growth in typically male areas like the face. Facial hair is all a girl with HIV needs to further put up with. Increased body mass was also reported, but they failed to specify where the fat was being distributed - male or female areas? It seems to me the researcher was more interested in a publication, regardless of how scientific the study was and how emotionally debilitating the affects might have on the individuals emotionally. Yes depression and sex drive went up - which is always good with an HIV person. Longer term studies were absent though.