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July 22, 2009

Taking Steps to Improve Bone Health

"...Low vitamin D levels are clearly linked to bone mineral problems, and people can take supplements if theirs is low. This is especially important for people in Northern latitudes who don’t get as much exposure to the sun during the long and cold winters.

"Important too, are healthy lifestyle choices. “There are general lifestyle measures that are important for general health, [bone health] and prevention of cardiovascular disease, like smoking cessation. We know that smoking is a risk factor for osteoporosis. Weight bearing exercise (also helps),” Glesby notes.

"Studies in elderly HIV-negative people have found that weight bearing exercise can slow bone mineral loss. “Encouraging people to at least walk,” Glesby says, “will help with bone density.”

"Numerous studies have also found that people who are too thin for their height, called low body mass index, or low BMI, have an increased risk for bone loss. So eating a rich and healthy diet and taking other measures to prevent excessive weight loss may also be key."

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