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December 27, 2009

Association between inflammation and sleep apnea in the MACS cohort

"Prompted by the concern that systemic inflammation may contribute to sleep apnea, Susheel Patil and colleagues from Johns Hopkins University presented an interesting analysis from the gently named SIESTA study (Study of Immune Effects on Sleep, (HIV) Treatment and Apnea).

"The study looked at obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and the relationship with inflammation markers (TNF-alpha soluble TNF-a receptors I and II and IL-6), in three groups of men from the MACS cohort: HIV-positive and not on HAART (n=41), HIVpositive and on HAART (n=58) and HIV negative (n=60). ...

"When looking at participants with normal BMI (<25 kg/m2) however, the relationship indicated a trend for higher prevalence in the no-HAART group: 25% HIV-negative (n=20), 24% on HAART (n=29) and 50% in the no HAART group (n=22); (p=0.1)"

Read more in HIV Treatment Bulletin, November/December, 2009.