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December 6, 2009

Sweden to cut aid to Uganda over anti-gay law

"Offenders would face death for having sex with a minor or a disabled person, or for infecting their partners with HIV. It would also punish attempted homosexuality as well as the failure of a third party to report homosexual relationships. ...

"In Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s conservative government called the proposed law 'vile and hateful', while Britain’s Gordon Brown raised the issue with President Museveni during the recent Commonwealth summit in Trinidad and Tobago. Ms Carlsson said the law would make it 'much more difficult' for Sweden to continue helping Uganda."

Read more in Sunday Monitor [Kampala], December 6, 2009.

Comment: More information is needed on allegations that the proposed law was due to enormous amounts of money from a secretive, politically connected group in the United States.

Also, the rights of people with a disability should be considered. It is hard enough for them to find sexual partners already. Most disabled people are as mentally competent as anyone else, so they can certainly give or withhold consent.