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December 31, 2009

Fixing the Body: An Immune-Based Approach to HIV

"8. Why would we think this drug [Cytolin] might work?

"Because before 1996 when viral cocktails were invented, doctors used this drug on many patients (188 of them) and we know from the records of those patients that the drug seemed to help them.

"In general, using the antibody showed some return in the ability to fight illnesses, an increased number of T cells, and a drop in the amount of virus. The way scientists measured this was to use a test of the body’s ability to recognize enemy germs, a skin test and it was clear that people who were not able to fight some illnesses got this ability back after using the antibody. Some of the well known scientists who worked with this antibody years ago were contacted by the non-profit organization Search For A Cure and interviewed. All of them indicated that they would like to see Cytolin studied because they felt it had potential."

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