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October 2, 2009

CD4 responses after viral suppression for more than 7 years on HAART

"Most patients responded well to treatment: the median CD4 cell count after four years of HAART was 560 cells/mm3 (IQR, 390-776).

"However, 151 patients (41%) had a CD4 cell count that was less than 500 cells/mm3 at year 4, of whom 61 eventually had a confirmed increase to >500 cells/mm3. Many of the remaining patients remained below this threshold through 10 years of observation.

"Results strongly correlated with baseline CD4 count: 95%, 75% and 56% of patients who started treatment at >300, 100–200 and <100 cells/mm3 respectively, were able to achieve a CD4 cell count >500 cells/mm3. Baseline CD4 count also correlated with time to reaching CD4 >500 and inversely with magnitude of the changes in CD4 count.

"In multivariate analysis, age was the only factor consistently associated with CD4 cell count increases, with younger patients having greater increases than older patients. HCV coinfection, sex, and pre-HAART nucleoside use were not statistically significant predictors of CD4 cell count increases."

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