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October 12, 2009

Robert Scott, M.D. - Renowned American HIV specialist dies

"Dr Robert Scott, a renowned American doctor who has worked treating HIV and AIDS patients in Zimbabwe for nearly 10 years, has died.

"The Late Dr. Robert Scott, M.D. Dr Scott passed away on October 8 in Oakland, California from complications arising from blood clots. Dr Scott was known both as an HIV/AIDS specialist and an advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS in America as well as in Zimbabwe. ...

"All the patients in Zimbabwe were treated free of charge through the efforts of the AIDS Ministry, which he co-founded at his home church, the Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland California."

Read more in The Zimbabwe Times, October 12, 2009.


Philip said...

I've just learned of this tragedy. My thoughts are with all those others who loved him whom he left behind. Does anybody have a copy of the article in The Zimbabwe Times? I've been unable to find this online (despite accessing several different links). I think this newspaper may no longer be operational. Many thanks for any help...