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October 23, 2009

TRIPS+ negotiations - death sentence for thousands Ukrainians - please support our protest!!!!

"Dear friends,

"I would like to turn for your support in our advocacy effort to prevent harmful effect of TRIPS+ that Ukraine is currently pushed to accept in EFTA negotiations. We received this information from the reliable source right on the day of the negotiations as the process itself is extremely closed and healthcare sector is not involved into this process. The TRIPS+ provisions are extremely strict and carry real risk of interruption of treatment for more than 10 000 patients with HIV that are on HAART in Ukraine now, but present overall danger for the whole healthcare sector of Ukraine and particularly to the area of access to essential medicines.

"Ukraine is pushed to accept:

"Patent term extensions for medicines for 5 years: the condition which is not taken even in western countries (like US)

"Data exclusivity for 8 years for medicines

"Patent for the new use of old medicines

"These are some of the most outrageous demands that Ukraine has faced with. Accepting such conditions will mean blockage of use of generic medications that currently are the key part of the 1st and 2nd line treatment schemes of HAART in Ukraine which will lead to potential treatment interruption for thousands of people. In nearest future, Ukraine is signing upon death penalty for thousands of people who will require innovative treatment regimen, who are suffering from co-infection of HIV/Hepatitis C and finally for people with MDR-TB which is becoming a first cause of mortality in Ukrainians living with HIV.

"We call upon you to send your letters of protest against accepting these draconian regulations by Ukraine to the current officials and addresses:

Ministry of economy of Ukraine
Ukraine, Kyiv, Grushevskogo Str. 12/2
Mr Danilishin Bogdan Michailovich
Fax: ph. (+38044) 272-5507, fax (+38044) 272-5546

Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Ukraine, Kyiv, Grushevskogo 37
Mr Knyazevich Vasil Michailovich
Tel/Fax +38044 253 24 72

"If you have any questions – please write to me directly

Konstantin Lezhentsev
All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH
87 "В", Mezhyhirska St.,
Kyiv, Ukraine 04071
Tel.: +38 (044) 467 7567; 467 7569; 467 7584; ext. tel. 746
Fax: +38 (044) 467 7566"

Comment, by JSJ: The bullying of smaller countries continues -- to make them sacrifice lives of their people for the benefit of foreign profiteers.

Apparently Obama cannot help because he needs the pharmaceutical industry to help get U.S. healthcare passed.