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October 29, 2009

Hepatitis C coinfection doesn't increase risk of progression to AIDS

"A meta-analysis of over 30 studies involving in excess of 100,000 patients with HIV has shown that hepatitis C co-infection does not increase the risk of progression to AIDS. The study is published in the November 15th edition of Clinical Infectious Diseases, and is now available online.

"However, the researchers did find that in the period since effective anti-HIV treatment became available, co-infected patients still have a 35% higher risk of death compared to patients who only have HIV. The investigators believe that that 'the major contributor to mortality among coinfected subjects during the HAART [highly active antiretroviral therapy] era is likely to be liver disease.'

"Antiretroviral therapy means that many people with HIV can look forward to a long and healthy life. However, the predicted prognosis of individuals co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C is significantly shorter than that of patients who are infected with HIV alone."

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