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October 2, 2010

NIH joins patent pool for AIDS drugs

Reuters: "The United States National Institutes of Health said on Thursday it will share intellectual property rights on some AIDS drugs in a patent pool designed to make treatments more widely available to the poor.

"The NIH is the first research institution to join an HIV medicines patent pool launched by UNITAID, a health financing system funded by a tax on airline tickets which was co-founded by Brazil, Britain, Chile, France, and Norway in 2006."


Anonymous said...

why do you keep hiding the cures that we already know they exist. The us patened cure should have been on the market a long time ago and millions of lives saved.We do not see that
Martin Luther Junior 'I have a dream' in Prsident Obama. Whom is he scared of. History will judge him harshly for letting millions die while he pretends that the cure does not exist.If the cure comes from the East( China) the backlsh on the USA will be severe.its not too late to do damage controll.The world out here has got more information that you would ever imagine. All you congress men look in the mirror today and see if you are been honest about the absence of an Aids cure