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November 19, 2010

Bionor Gains $45 Million in Value After Resuming HIV Drug Study

Bloomberg: "Bionor Pharma ASA almost quadrupled in value in Oslo trading, gaining more than $45 million, after the drugmaker said its experimental HIV vaccine unexpectedly reduced virus levels. ...

"The drugmaker last month canceled the Vacc-4x program after an early study showed patients taking the vaccine were just as likely as those receiving a placebo to have to resume antiretroviral therapy. The study was designed to see if the vaccine helped patients to stay off the therapy, which typically consists of a combination of three or more drugs.

"Further analysis of the study data showed the vaccine triggered an 'unexpected' and statistically significant drop in levels of the virus, which causes AIDS, Bionor said today. Virus levels in vaccinated patients didn’t return to pre-therapy levels, which normally happens, the company said.

"'A therapeutic HIV vaccine like Vacc-4x reducing the viral load set-point, could have significant implications for future HIV management' ..."