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November 20, 2010

[Condom Art Contest -- this one for Philadelphia]

Outreach @ > Home: "Condoms Work! The Philadelphia Department of Public Health, STD Control Program is sponsoring a condom art contest for its first ever, custom labeled condoms. With syphilis and gonorrhea rates in the city at outbreak proportions, it’s vitally important that you help the STD Control program enhance its current outbreak control measures to include custom labeled condoms that promote healthy condom use behavior and that are current, socially relevant, and visually interesting – making them much more likely to be requested, promoted, and used.

"The contest will officially launch on Friday, November 19, 2010 and all artwork must be submitted no later than November 28th."

Comment: There could also be national or worldwide condom-package-art contests -- with much larger monetary prizes.


Anonymous said...

See 1992 "Prophylactic Artifice" by artist Dino Colombo.