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November 29, 2010

[Philadelphia] Free buses to DC for World AIDS Day



Join ACT UP and our allies in DC on World AIDS Day (December 1st) as we call on President obama to keep the promise he made to ensure everyone with HIV has access to treatment.

Wednesday, December 1st
Free buses leave from Broad & Walnut at 7:30am.
Lunch will be provided, and tokens will be available for those who need them.
RSVP not required, but encouraged, to or 215-386-1981
More info:


Why? There are over 4,000 people with HIV in the US who are forced onto waiting lists for AIDS drugs. Countless others can’t even get on the waiting list, because the are too “rich” or because their insurance companies are denying them care. Around the world, 10 million people were promised medication, but they do not have access. All of these people will die unless President Obama keeps his promise to fund AIDS treatment at home and abroad."


Anonymous said...

I say we fight like hell to cure the newly infected by supplementing
their natural GcMAF with GcMAF from healthy donors. We need an
American study of GcMAF, that follows-up on the two small Japanese
studies that cured a total of 39 Japanese patients over the last nine

One of the men who worked on those two Japanese studies is living near
(10 miles away from) the office of AIDS News. Here's a list of
questions to ask Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto:

1. How are your 39 cured patients doing? Are they being followed?
Have you allowed any American researchers to examine these
patients, or their blood and tissues, before treatment and after
cure? If not, why not?

2. When will you publish a full paper on the 2nd group of 24 patients?

3. Is it fair to say that only Young, Healthy and Recently-infected
patients were cured?

4. Is there an age limit at which point GcMAF supplementation would
probably not work? How do we know that?

5. What can someone with antiretroviral induced anemia do to increase
the likelihood of being helped by GcMAF supplementation?

6. What is the status of the larger African trials mentioned in your
on-line 501c tax forms?

7. What other clinical studies of GcMAF in HIV+ are on-going?

8. What is the status of your IND on your truncated "cloned" version of

9. Are any companies (in Israel, Denmark, Belgium, etc) activating
natural GcMAF exactly the same way as you would recommend? How can
we be sure?

10. What company made (extracted, purified, and activated) the natural
GcMAF product for your first two studies?

11. Are you collaborating with Professor Marco Ruggiero? If so, what
exactly was determined by your collaboration with him? And how
will you apply it to future GcMAF clinical studies in HIV+ patients?

12. Was/Is your work with Professor Marco Ruggiero funded by the NIH?

13. How soon might an American study of either natural or "cloned"
GcMAF in Young, Healthy, Recently-infected HIV+ patients open?

I'll pay for a round-trip taxi-cab ride and lunch for two at a
restaurant of your choice. Just publish the interview and send me the

Once we can cure recently infected people, we can work on curing
patients with more advanced HIV disease. Failing to move a known (and
non-patentable) cure forward in nine years has left 120,000 Americans
dead and another 500,000 Americans infected. We need action on an
American GcMAF study.

Tom Hemmingsen