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November 24, 2010

To WBAI, Pacifica: Open letter on denialist radio show

John S. James, AIDS Treatment News:"Gary Null's take-home message (often delivered as quotes from others) is that AIDS is not sexually transmitted, and not caused by HIV -- and that the mainstream view of tens of thousands of doctors, scientists, and other workers in the U.S. and around the world is a lie, a grand fraud and cruel deception, existing to scare people and keep government money flowing. Persons who believe this can easily conclude that they do not need to worry about condoms or self-control -- and that if they are diagnosed with HIV they can reject their doctors' advice and cure themselves with nutrition and lifestyle changes instead. Yes, real people do follow such advice. ...

"In 1996 good HIV/AIDS treatments started becoming available in the U.S. And some other rich countries. U.S. Government death statistics were a year or two behind due to long ne- glect of public-health infrastructure. But in San Francisco we could see what was happening much faster through the decreasing obituaries in the Bay Area Reporter(, the city's biggest circulation gay newspaper. Before the new protease inhibitors and triple-drug "cocktails," 25 or more deaths could be reported in the weekly listing, almost all gay men dying of AIDS. In one week there were 33 obituaries. As the new drugs came into use the number of obituaries went down to about four or five a week, with around half of those deaths having nothing to do with AIDS. Meanwhile, we started hearing that leading AIDS doctors were no longer having deaths in their practices.

"Note: All the obituaries published in the Bay Area Reporter have been archived by the GLBT Historical Society; see We checked the first half of 2010, and there are fewer than three obituaries per week. That's a long way from more than 20. To our knowledge there is no reason for the great drop in deaths, except that the new HIV/AIDS drugs were keeping people alive.

"But many leading denialists in California died of AIDS, even after good treatments were available, because they refused to take them. They were sincere. Some were great people. They should not have died."

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GMCarter said...

An excellent letter. It is despicable beyond belief that Pacifica and WBAI would feel that the only way they can raise funds is using the quixotic, often sexist and racist ramblings of the dismal denialist Gary Null to prop up their tepid existence. Revolting, despicable, antithetical to their mission and shameful behavior on the part of the board. Perhaps they should just sell the franchise to ClearChannel and be done with it.

I know I'll never turn that station on again.

Anonymous said...

I have NEVER heard Gary Null say anything sexist or racist.

Though I disagree with the statement that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, Gary
is simply filling a niche.

The greed of the medical-industrial-government complex can be seen in
a known cure for early HIV infections being ignored by the NIH for nearly a decade.

Many researchers have known for several decades that cancers and
viruses destroy the ability of the hormone called vitamin-D3 to
activate parts of the immune system by deactivating the carrier/transport molecule known as GcMAF.

Many people have been studying the natural human glyco-protein called
Group-specific component Macrophage Activating Protein (GcMAF), also
called Vitamin-D3 binding protein - Macrophage Activating Protein
(Dbp-MAF), also called by a few other less well-known names.

Dr. Yamamoto has been studying it for about 20 years.

Dr. Yamamoto started treating HIV+ patients with GcMAF at least 16
years ago. Young, Healthy, Recently HIV-infected Japanese patients
were first treated with a weekly 100ng dose of natural activated human
GcMAF, with the intent of curing them, almost nine years ago - when
the first 15 patients were cured. Another 24 were cured some time
later. FOCIS conference abstracts/posters about GcMAF curing HIV
infections were first presented at the 2006, 2007 and 2008. A full
paper was finally published in early 2009 in the Journal of Clinical

I'd like to see AIDS News interview Dr. Yamamoto and ask the following

1. How are your 39 cured patients doing? Are they being followed?

2. When will you publish a full paper on the 2nd group of 24 patients?

3. Is it fair to say that only Young, Healthy and Recently-infected
patients were cured?

4. Is there an age limit at which point GcMAF supplementation would
probably not work? How do we know that?

5. What can someone with antiretroviral induced anemia do to increase
the liklihood of being helped by GcMAF supplementation?

6. What is the status of the larger African trials mentioned in your
on-line 501c tax forms?

7. What other clinical studies of GcMAF in HIV+ are on-going?

8. What is the status of your IND on your truncated "cloned" version of

9. Are any companies (in Israel, Denmark, Belgium, etc) extracting,
purifying and activating natural GcMAF exactly the same way as you
would recommend? How can we be sure of purity and potency?

10. What company made (extracted, purified, and activated) the natural
GcMAF product for your first two studies?

11. What exactly was determined by your collaboration with Professor
Marco Ruggiero? And how will you apply it to future GcMAF clinical
studies in HIV patients?

12. Was/Is your work with Professor Marco Ruggiero funded by the NIH?

13. How soon might an American study of GcMAF in Young, Healthy,
Recently-infected HIV+ patients open?

Let's move forward. Gary Null is (mostly) irrelevant.

120,000 Americans have died since GcMAF was discovered to cure in
2002. More than 500,000 Americans have become infected with HIV since

Dr. Yamamoto works/lives only a few miles from you. My offer still
stands to pay for your round-trip taxi ride, and lunch for two at a
restaurant of your choice, if you would simply do what's necessary
(and send me the receipts).

You know who

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Gary Null ... speak with Peter Duesberg or Henry Bauer or Mullis to find out how the retrovirus is harmless.