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November 4, 2010

Towards a Cure: HIV Reservoirs and Strategies to Control Them

Journal of the International AIDS Society: "The aim of the workshop, “Towards a Cure: HIV Reservoirs and Strategies to Control Them”, was to invigorate efforts to move beyond ART [antiretroviral therapies], either by eradicating the virus (sterilizing cure) or by achieving long-term remission in the absence of ongoing therapy (functional cure). The organizers placed a particular focus on encouraging young investigators to work on this critically important topic, with the secondary aim of improving the breadth and quality of scientific presentations in the biomedical and pre-clinical field at the XVIII International AIDS Conference (abstracts for the workshop were selected from submissions to the conference)."


HIV Reservoirs and Eradication said...

The best ways to protect yourself from getting infected with HIV are to, Not have sex with a person who is infected or is having sex with others.Practice "safer" sex if you do have sex.Not share needles and syringes.