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November 29, 2010

AIDS cure article in Philadelphia Gay News

AIDS cure article in Philadelphia Gay News

"The AIDS Policy Project, headquartered in Philadelphia and San Francisco, is taking a rarely employed approach to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, pressing not for enhanced prevention and treatment methods but for a more final solution: a cure.

Kate Krauss, founder and executive director of the project, said she and other staffers have worked both in the prevention and treatment arenas and, while both are crucial in the fight against HIV/AIDS, researchers need to start looking further into the future.

"'We know that prevention is not going to save the lives of the 33 million people who have AIDS now,' she said. 'And treatment is very different when it comes to different countries: There are about 15 million people who need treatment immediately, but only about 36 percent are actually receiving it. The number of people with AIDS is increasing and most don’t have access to treatment, so they’re just dying.'"