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July 13, 2010

AIDS Cure Research for Everyone: A Beginner’s Guide To How It’s Going And Who’s Paying For It

AIDS Policy Project (PDF download): "Who knows exactly what’s going on with AIDS cure research? Not many people outside the research community. Not members of the general public, nor most health reporters.

"Nor the United States Congress, which decides how much to fund the National Institutes of Health. Not even most AIDS activists, who assume that the cure is decades out of reach. And most importantly, not people with AIDS themselves, millions of whose lives are at stake.

"Who is funding the effort to find a cure, and how much are they spending? Almost no one knows that.

"For these reasons, we have written this simple report to share what we have learned, so far, about the search for a cure for AIDS."

See Larry Kramer's comment on this report.