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July 18, 2010

Vaginal Gel Study Charts New Course for HIV Prevention Research

BusinessWeek: "Over the past three years, 900 women in South Africa have applied a vaginal gel before and after sex in the hope it would keep them from getting AIDS. If it works, it will show drug treatments can also prevent infections.

"The experimental product, which uses Gilead Sciences Inc.’s Viread AIDS medicine in gel form, is the first gel to employ a proven treatment to stop women from contracting the virus in the first place. Results of a study of the gel will be released tomorrow and may indicate the prospects for drugs being tested in 40 prevention trials involving 30,000 people."

Comment: This very important study will be reported tomorrow in Vienna. We do not know the results yet.


John S. James said...

Results will be announced on Tuesday, 7 a.m. Eastern time.