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July 21, 2010

Costa Rica: Abbott Against Hetero with PLWA caught in the Middle

Agua Buena Human Rights Association: "During the past four to six weeks, an Abbott Laboratories HIV product representative has been contacting People Living with HIV/AIDS in Costa Rica, urging them to participate in a lawsuit to be filed with the Costa Rica Supreme Court, declaring that a generic version of Abbott’s ARV Kaletra(Lopinavir/Ritonavir) produced by Hetero drugs of India is unsafe and should not be used in Costa Rica.

"Hetero drugs won a competitive bidding process in February of this year, and the drugs were legally approved by the Costa Rica Ministry of Health for purchase and are now in the country. Abbott by encouraging PLWA to participate in a lawsuit, is attempting to block their distribution. When the current stock of Abbott’s Kaletra runs out, in early July, the health care system will begin using the generic version, unless the Court rules otherwise."