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July 27, 2010

Ohio to cut HIV drug program to trim spending

Dayton Daily News: "The state plans to drop another 500 Ohioans from a program that pays for their HIV medications, in order to save Ohio nearly $3 million per year.

"Officials are working on a plan to help only the sickest Ohioans with HIV pay for their medicine, said Jay Carey, a management analyst for the HIV drug program.

"The plan, which Carey said will likely start next month, comes after 250 people were dropped from the program earlier this month."

Comment: It doesn't make sense to require people to get sick first, before getting essential treatment.

Nor to have patients die instead of having corporations supply more drugs to the state program for the same total price -- at very little marginal cost to produce them.

Nor that Congress today appropriated more that 10,000 times the $3 million, for yet another installment on the wars.

Clearly the social compact isn't working. But so far there isn't much attention on how to change it so that it does.