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July 18, 2010

See new discussion below on GcMAF, Dr. Yamamoto

See discussion in the comments on the earlier post. Excerpt:

"The idea behind Dr. Yamamoto's work with GcMAF -- that discovering a new way HIV disables part of the immune system, and reversing that, could lead to a major treatment advance or even a cure -- seems plausible. This treatment possibility must not be rejected out of hand just because some of the methodology is unconventional -- or because of the project's sudden association with a scientist who has been in the news due to controvery on other matters.

"If the treatment doesn't work, a little scientific and community attention spent on it would be a small cost. But the other kind of error, rejecting a treatment that could help, would be catastrophic. ...

"This Thursday, July 22, AIDS scientists from around the world will have an unusual opportunity to attend the poster presentation in Vienna, and discuss this treatment possibility with other experts face to face."